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17th April 2014

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Based on this [x]

Sterek AU: Derek comes back after a while, Scott’s Pack is dealing with vampires and FBI tries to blame Derek for the recent and old murderers in Beacon Hills. As alibi, Stiles has to play as Derek’s boyfriend and that means a lot of face-to-face with Rafa McCall who thinks Stiles has a PSTD with the behavior of his father after Claudia’s death. Derek tries not to laugh, seriously, but sometimes it’s impossible. 

-And what about your forever crush, Stiles? Miss Martin

-Lydia? Totally over it. But you would know that if you weren’t a shitty dad who ran away leaving everything behind without caring about your family one fucking day, just saying.

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17th April 2014

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Anonymous asked: are you gay or straight?



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17th April 2014

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how the fuck do some girls get boyfriends so easily like wtf do you just create them in your basement or what


In just seven days, oh baby, I can make you a maaaaaaaaan

I believe that Rocky Horror fans just stole a text post and I love it.

I’ve been making a man, with blonde hair and a tan. And he’s good for relieving my……. Tension!

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17th April 2014

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Hidden Magic: Katlego Kgabale

As kids, we grew up with our imagination running wild though our minds. As least I did! I would spend hours bent over a book, flipping recklessly through pages for words and images to feed my daydreams. Kgabale illustrated work offers up little brown girl dreams that I would have loved to come across as a child. But even as an adult, I can still appreciate and admire the creativity behind each piece.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic



17th April 2014

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all the words are gonna bleed from me
and i will think no more

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17th April 2014

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17th April 2014

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This is the most personal vlogbrothers video I’ve made in several years.

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17th April 2014

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17th April 2014

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If you don’t think soul mates exist after watching this I don’t even know what to say to you.

And what I love about it is how perfectly they match up, how much their lives connect and overlap, how much they love each other, but they still only think of each other as friends. I think that’s such an amazing kind of relationship. Non romantic soul mates are just beautiful. 

wow this is amazing

Ughughughugh Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye are so phenomenal.

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17th April 2014

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celebrities read mean tweets: part six

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